The American Society of Pharmacognosy (ASP) believes that the pursuit of
scientific excellence is strengthened by the unique perspectives contributed by
scientists from diverse backgrounds. The society strives for an inclusive
environment that makes all of our members feel included, welcomed and
represented. We expect our members to interact with each other in a positive,
professional manner, and to conduct themselves with kindness and
courtesy. Members participating in discussions at our meetings should remain
open-minded to different points of view and opinions, and be professional and
respectful when expressing dissent.

The ASP will not tolerate threatening, intimidating, or harassing behavior from
any individual associated with the society or its events. For the purpose of this
policy, harassment means unwelcome behavior directed at another person’s
sex, race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity,
disability, age, or other status protected under applicable law. For example,
harassment can include comments or jokes that focus on gender differences or
sexual topics, unwelcome advances or requests for dates or sexual activities, or
the use of language or images that demean or degrade others.

Violations to this code of conduct may be reported to Laura Stoll, business manager for the American Society of Pharmacognosy ( or to Nadja Cech (, co-chair of the ASP diversity committee. By registering for this conference, you have agreed to abide by the code of conduct.  The ASP reserves the right to revoke the conference badge of any individual who violates the ASP code of conduct.