Wisconsin Institute of Discovery
Monday, July 15, 2019





ASP attendees you are about to have a blast. This is an exciting mystery party game with an escape room twist!  These general instructions will prepare you for the event on Monday evening.


Guest instructions

  • Gather three of your friends to form a team of 4
  • Pick up your game envelop at the registration table. It will contain information in the suspects and the challenges required to solve the mystery.
  • Don’t do anything yet! Wait for a member of The Zombie Institute to welcome you to the evenings event.
  • Quickly, the event will unfold with information provided be researchers from the institute. Pay close attention to what the researchers tell you, as everything is important.  There will be several announcements made through the evening.
  • Clues for the challenges will be displayed on the monitors on the first floor of the institute. Suspects will be circulating in the crowd.
  • At the end of the event, gather your clues and complete the ballot form. Place the form in the envelop of the person you suspect of being guilty.
  • Awards will be given to three teams randomly chosen from the teams with the correct answers. There are only awards for 4 people in one team.  Make sure to follow the rules if you want to escape.