Monday Workshop

July 25th - 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

 (Subject to change)


MWS - Hands-On Training of IDBac, an Informatics Tool for Strain Prioritization Monday Workshop - FREE - REGISTRATION REQUIRED

IDBac is a bioinformatics pipeline that utilizes matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) spectra to analyze both microorganism identity and specialized metabolite production from environmental isolates. IDBac clusters spectra that represent ionized small proteins (2000–15,000 Daltons) of each isolate into a dendrogram, resulting in the creation of pseudo-phylogenetic groups. The program then allows users to assess the degree of specialized metabolite overlap within each group of isolates through visualization of metabolite association networks (MANs, 200–2000 Daltons).  The benefit of MALDI based mass spectrometry acquisition is that both datasets are acquired successively from a single sample preparation, and the user may simultaneously assess both the bacterial identity and the specialized metabolote capacity of colonies in high-throughput. The premise of this workshop is to debut a new graphical user interface and data repository for IDBac and to recruit and train beta testers. We will end with questions and solicit developmental feedback from the NP community.

What to bring: Laptop Computer

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