Vanguards – Entry into the Meeting Space until August 6, 2021

Vanguards of Natural Product Research 2021 – Entry into the Virtual Space
A couple of pointers with having the best experience inside our virtual meeting space: 
1. Use Chrome as your Browser
2. Do not use a mobile device.
3. Have fun, choosing your avatar.
4. Use the arrow keys to navigate the space
5. Look for “Easter Eggs” inside the space.  Post it  and hashtag #VNPR2021
6. Any tech issues?  We will have people inside the space to help!  Just ask the help desk. 
7. Watch the Virtual Chair Intro Video8. Look for me and the VNPR2021 Committee and say hello! 

To Enter the Vanguards of Natural Product Research 2021 space:   

Follow the link below and click to enter.  You will need to enter your email address that you used to register.  This will be the only one that will allow you into the space. The meeting space is OPEN so feel free to enter early and look around and test out the features (without any staff on site). The space will also be open (without any staff on site) in between the meeting dates so feel free to use it and meet up to collaborate or socialize and check out the posters! 

VNPR2021 Link to Meeting Space Entry